v1.50a 189 663 byte 28/12/2001 Freeware
The ComNETWORK Commander V1.50a the ultimate file manager of the NetWare server console.
Its main features: two panels - deal with traditional and NSS volumes, and DOS drives - handle DOS and long names - select directories/files - copy and rename/move directories/files along with the long names preserve compression - delete directories/files - create directories - set flags of directories/files - view and edit files - find files - view directory/file information - view volume information - view server information - compare panels  


v1.10 28 979 byte 18/02/1994 Freeware
This FTPD server allows Internet access to Novell network. It is written according to RFC959 specification.
Features: Up to 32 concurrent connections - Anonymous connection - Transactions logins - Access restrictions - Access to other Novell servers, including servers running versions lower than 3.11. - On-line info when logging and changing directories - MAC name space and MACBINARY transfer supported - LAN Workplace compatibility.
FTPD NLM requires Novell Netware Server v3.11. Modules CLIB.NLM, TCPIP.NLM and RESOLV.NLM must be loaded.


v1.07 13 892 byte 03/09/1998 Freeware
Program HTTPLOAD downloads specified files from TCPIP hosts by http protocol.  


  7 321 byte 11/04/2000 Freeware
The RDATE NLM allows the supervisor to synchronize the time of a Novell NW386 file server with the time of a nearby Unix host (or any other host which supports the time protocol).